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Saturday, March 16th, 10:30am

Instructior: Cynthia

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Come and join us for a HANDS ON extensive sourdough class! (All supplies will be provided along with a fruit and cheese board for snacking on while you learn)

Sourdough bread is the original way in which bread was made; Water, flour, & salt. Sourdough is a specific type of bread created through a natural fermentation process involving suitable bacteria and wild yeasts in the environment (i.e., the air and even a bakers hands) and, most importantly on the grain itself. Natural yeasts strains in the sourdough starter feed on the sugars in the flour, breaking down the gluten and sugars making it easier for your gut to digest, which is why it is so superior to conventional store bought bread.

Cost: $60

*The cost of the class will cover the cost for everything youll need. (Flour, bowls, etc.) *

You will learn:

1.What sourdough is

2.How to make and feed a sourdough starter

3.What to do with sourdough starter discard (cookies, tortillas, dutch baby pancake, etc).

4.How to make sourdough bread itself; from Starting it, proofing it, shaping it, and baking it.

You will be sent home with:

● sourdough dough to shape and bake later on your own.

●Dehydrated sourdough starter and instructions on how to rehydrate it.

●1 sourdough bread instructions/recipe.

●3 recipes for sourdough discard.

●3 different resources for sourdough recipes, info, and more!



Instructor: Karisa Bitner

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  • What is the big deal about raw milk?
  • What is A2/A2?
  • What is a herd share?
  • Pet milk? What is that?
  • Nutritional benefits of raw milk?
  • Where can I find raw milk?
  • What all can be made with raw milk?
  • How does a typical small raw dairy run?

Get answers to all these questions, as well as an opportunity to ask the instructor all the burning questions you have about raw milk in a LIVE zoom class.

*Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks.

*Classes are for adults (or mature children) unless otherwise stated.

*We look forward to having you; learning and connecting is our goal!